Ten Years on the Bricks

Dec 3, 2019

Ten years ago, Holt took a chance and relocated a fourteen year old business from Dallas to Tyler, Texas. It was just himself in a really large office but over time, it began to fill with people who have helped him build something very special. Aside from God Himself, the team, and the many clients they now provide services for, there are a number of folks we would like to thank for helping this company get off the ground and become what it is today. First, Jennifer Holt who has held the company together throughout all the ups and downs, Martin Heines who had a vision of dusting off an old building that Holt now calls home, Willy Wolfe of MapleMark Bank who gave the firm a chance that has helped launch Holt’s digital arm, Hudson White who has always been our biggest cheerleader, Andrew Clyde who continues to be Holt’s right-hand partner in crime, Peter Boyd who acts as a sounding board for business and cold beer coaching, Pastor Marcus Jackson who has given Holt and his youngest son a platform to serve God through music, and finally all the derelicts from 314 that make life interesting and most of all fun. Tyler, Texas has been good to us and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You helped make our lives better and in return, we will continue to try and live up to your expectations with community involvement and great service.