Brand Launched for CardiaStream

Oct 31, 2018

Following a one year effort that included naming, legal trademarking, digital development and traditional as well as digital advertising, Holt Creative Group is proud to announce the launch of CardiaSream. What once started as a small cardiovascular physicians group in Tyler, Texas, has grown exponentially over the years. Today, CardiaStream not only treats far more people, but they have added outstanding medical practices and specialty areas as well. They now provide patients with a wide array of innovative services, advanced technologies and leading-edge procedures. And renowned doctors from everywhere have come here both to practice and to teach. With so many entities all under one roof, Cardiovascular Associates of East Texas decided it was time to unite behind one name that would bring them all together. They needed to simplify their identity to make it more concise, more memorable and more compelling to patients. CardiaStream highlights their core competencies – the heart and circulatory system. At the same time, it creates a dynamic new persona for their combined cardiovascular, endovascular and vein care practices. But while their name has changed, there is one thing that never will. Their commitment to healthcare excellence remains just as strong as always.